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2021-11-25 07:40:43 By : Ms. Jolin Zhang

When pipetting in the milliliter range, scientists usually use serological pipettes and controllers. The controller can be manual or electric, and can consider a range of functions-some of which depend on personal preference.

Here, the experts introduced the best way to choose a serological pipette controller.

In most cases, the scientist may choose to manually supply power in the controller. If cost is a key issue, or if the pipetting volume is small or small, then a manual controller may be the first choice. Many scientists just pipette liquid from time to time. In my laboratory days, this was completely correct, and a series of manually controlled devices worked very well.

But yes, it's a different world now-some lab personnel pipette more liquids in an hour than my entire time in the lab. These people certainly benefit from electric controllers.

Therefore, after installing the electric pipette controller, a key feature is the long battery life. Christian Dyott, product manager of Globe Scientific (Mahwah, NJ), said that "the ability to maintain a charge for several hours of operation" is a key feature of serological pipette controllers.

Repeated pipetting may be a typical representative of repetitive strain injury in the laboratory. For more information on problems and potential solutions, see "Smart Pipetting: Using Ergonomics to Prevent Injury" by Mettler Toledo (Columbus, Ohio).

Therefore, comfort is an important consideration when choosing an ergonomic serological pipette controller. Dyott added that it should be lightweight and "ergonomically designed to be used continuously for several hours."

When in use, the controller should be as easy to operate as possible. Dyott added that the controller should have "adjustable speed for accurate suction and dispensing."

There are other controller functions worth considering. Dyott pointed to three examples: "A universal silicone adapter for receiving serological pipettes, a powerful and quiet pump motor, and a replaceable disc filter."

In general, one serological pipette controller may look a lot like another. "Since serological control agents are now fairly common items in most laboratories, the differences between models may be small," Dyott said. "At Globe, we believe that the most important aspects are reliability, quality and strong supplier support." He added: "Of course the price will play a role, but when choosing a serological pipette controller, the features, quality and support And competitive prices are the most important."

With these suggestions from Dyott, buying a serological pipette controller may be easier, or at least more strategic-all the pain will be reduced in the next few years.

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