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2022-07-23 05:24:52 By : Mr. Yongde Wu

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Since 1957, Gilson has been providing highly flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for science-based industries. Below we’ve consolidated a selection of the most popular instruments making the highest contribution to your natural product purification. Designed to integrate with your workflow, these systems set the standards for the industry and are complemented by worldwide service and support network.

The VERITY CPC Lab system combines a PLC Purification System with a centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) system for high-level target compound purification. This automated, cost-effective, liquid-liquid purification technique utilises reusable, silica-free chromatographic columns to streamline your workflow and allow you to isolate specific molecules with high yields and purity quickly.

The VERITY CPC Pilot system performs silica-free chromatography for pilot-scale purification. This is the ideal CPC solution for annually processing milligrams up to multi-kilograms of natural product extracts with 95% recoveries and 99% purity or better. The system is a perfect fit with Gilson LC purification systems. For more efficient pumping, the VERITY CPC Pilot system can be combined with a binary injection pump.

The VERITY CPC Process system performs silica-free (environmentally friendly) chromatography for industrial molecule purification and extraction in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and natural extract industries. This is the most advanced CPC solution for annually processing tons of natural product samples with the greatest returns for mainstream and minor cannabinoids. The system is designed to comply with the highest regulatory and safety standards (EU -UL, GMP -ISO, ATEX -HAZLOC) and allows maximised solvent recovery. The VERITY CPC Process system includes Gilson’s latest generation of LC SKID systems.  

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